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The meet and greet is an important part of establishing a healthy relationship between (you) the pet owner, your pets and myself. I will ask questions regarding your pet's daily routine, personality traits and visit schedule. You are encouraged to ask me questions at this time. This is a free service and lasts around 30 minutes. If you are interested in setting up a meet and greet 

call 401-545-0001, email or fill out a contact form below.

POTTY BREAKS- starting at $15

Potty break visits last up to 15 minutes. During this time your dog can stretch their legs and relieve themselves. All potty breaks include fresh water and a treat! I will text you with an update on how the visit went. Potty break visits are perfect for any dog that spends a long period of time home alone and for puppies that haven't been fully potty trained yet.

*$5 for all additional dogs*

*$3 extra for small animal care during visit (cat, fish, reptile, etc)*

*Additional $5 on weekends*

*Additional $5 for visits after 5pm and before 7am*

LEASHED WALKS- starting at $22

Leashed walks last 20-25 minutes. They're perfect for energetic dogs and a great way to keep your best buddy happy and healthy. All leashed walks include fresh water and a treat. I will text you after our walk to let you know how the visit went.

*$3 for each additional dog*

*$3 extra for small animal care during visit (cat, fish, reptile, etc)*

*Additional $5 on weekends*

*Additional $5 for visits after 5pm*


This is a great alternative to large boarding facilities that can't give your dog the attention it deserves and craves. Each visit lasts 20-25 minutes. I will constantly reassure you that your pet is happy and safe with texts and photos after each visit. In addition, I will keep a watchful eye on your home, water your plants, bring in your mail daily and take out the trash, etc. I require at least 2 visits per day for the safety of your dog(s). This service is for clients who will be away for 24 hours or longer.

*$3 for each additional dog*

*$3 extra for small animal care during visit (cat, fish, reptile, etc)*

CAT SITTING- starting at $20

All cat visits are 15-20 minutes and include fresh water, feedings, litter box cleaning and play time. I will send you a text updating you on each visit.

Additional Services

Cat & Dog Nail Trimming- $10 per pet

Poop Scoop Service

Starting at $20 if already on site/

 $25 for a separate trip

Concierge Service- starting at $50/hour

Concierge service include any errands whether they're pet-related or not. 

Ex. Dog daycare drop-off, vet appointments, groomer drop-off, pick up pet supplies and grocery shopping

Additional Fees


There is an additional $5 fee on all weekend potty break and leashed walk visits

*Excludes In-Home Vacation Dog Care Visits*


There is an additional $15 fee for each service on the following holidays...

Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Day


Cancellations made by you, the client, must be made within 24 hours of your scheduled pet care service. Failure to give a 24 hour cancellation notice results in paying for the service as scheduled. 

*Severe weather conditions are an exception*


There is a $10 fee for any clients that are locked out of their house or needs their key returned at a time where regular services aren't needed

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Open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week

Including major holidays